If you don't know who Jack Chick is, your luck has just run out.  He's the author of a series of tracts done in comic book style that are remarkable for their venomous (and paranoid) take on Christianity.  You can visit his site.  Check out his catalog of comics--many of them are, in fact, quite amusing.  He has a genius for what I like to call " creative history."  The whole "Satan and Semiramis are behind devotion to Mary" story is good for laughs, as is "Halloween was instituted by Satan, who directs his minions to put poison in candy."  Why?  Because those innocent, trick-or-treating tots make great sacrifices!  And don't forget, "Religion can't save you, only Jesus can!"  (Even better, "Righteousness comes from Jesus Christ, never an apron!") Um, okay, Jack.

The original drawings are copyright Jack Chick.  I'd hate to fail to give credit where credit was due.  Some of the text is mine, and some comes from the original, which I encourage you to check out.

If you get broken images, just right click them (and then click "view image" or the equivalent).

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