Okay, the fact of the matter is, there are already a bunch of PG sites that have compiled good links pages.  Like  Solsbury Hill, or Mr. G's Shrine.  And it's silly to just repeat the same information over and over, so go visit those sites, and check out their links!  Also don't miss the Official site  or The Peter Gabriel Webring, where you can find easy access to great sites like And Through the Wire and Angel's secret World.  And The Feeling Begins.  And many, many more! Oh, and let's not forget The Genesis Webring.     The whole world of internet PG fandom at your fingertips!

Scott has made a Peter Gabriel Desktop Theme.  You need windows 95/98 and Microsoft Plus to use it.  If you want to custom design your own PG Theme, try  Create a Theme.   Bored by the look of your Winamp? Use one of these Winamp Skins Utilities to spruce it up.

I have another confession to make--I actually have other interests in my life besides Peter Gabriel.  Yes, it's true!  So here's a list of non-PG links that I think you may find informative or amusing.

Ecumenical Links

The Church of the SubGenius The world's only avowedly for-profit religion

Universal Life Church Once ordained you can legally perform marriages, and do other clergy-type things. Ordination is free and entirely legal.  A few dollars will get you a snazzy certificate, and you can also buy kits for starting your ministry (or just performing one special wedding), books, and a variety of correspondence courses with academic degrees attatched.  And ten bucks lets you officially adorn your signature with something cool like Guru or High Priestess.

The Church of the Gerbil Pretty self-explanatory.

Landover Baptist Church  It seems incredible to me, but it's true that a large number of visitors to this site do not recognize that it is satirical.  Folks, this site is satire.  Vicious satire, in fact.  Lots of folks who do recognize the nature of the site are offended by it.  If you're sense-of-humor impaired, there's no point visiting.  You've been warned.

The KarmaMeter See how you're doing in the cosmic rewards department.

The Confess!  Or read other people's confessions and comment.

Self Arrest Form  Hey, if you've confessed, you might as well turn yourself in.

Peter Gabriel, Personal Demon Just to show how tolerant we are around here.


Just Amusing

The Gallery of the Absurd  Weird signs and advertisements.  Not to be missed.

The Twinkies Experiments Experiments performed on twinkies.  The Rapid Oxidation  Test.   The Resistivity Test.  The Gravitational Response Test.  And my favorite, The Turing Test.  These students had way, way too much time on their hands.

The Useless Pages Sort of like Cruel Site of the Day (see In Dubious Taste), only not quite as upsetting.

The Centre for the Easily Amused Guilty as charged.

Haiku Error Messages Salon Magazine asked their readers for computer error messages in the form of haiku.  My favorite:

A crash reduces
your expensive computer
to a simple stone.

Noodle My daughter calls this "Music Flower."  Yes, it's just a toy, but it's a cool one.

I Sing Online Online Karaoke.  Someday they'll figure out a way for you to do this without the internet.

The Eye of Argon Sure, you knew they could give the MST3K treatment to a movie.  But did you know you can do the same thing to a text?  (Of course you did, because it's been done to the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway liner notes).  This is an absolute classic--a story so bad it won the Worst Story Award at some science fiction convention fifteen years running--and it was only entered once.  Sure, that sounds like an apocryphal story, right?  Not after you read it, it doesn't.  Want more? There's a whole archive of text MSTings available.

Forward Garden Finally, a place to store all those forwarded messages.  The funny ones, the saccharine ones, all of them.  You can search for good ones you remember but just can't find, send in something you got and don't want to lose, or just browse.  Be warned--while some of them are definitely worthy of saving (this one, for instance), many are just plain icky.

Complaint Letter Generator Plug in a name, and stand back.

Ettiquette Hell Yet another example of how fun it is to read about everyone else's mistakes and bad days.

Dave's Web of Lies Hey, at least they're honest about it.

Dr. Mango's Nude Celebrity Thumbnails  What?  This isn't in dubious taste?  Well, it is, but not quite the way you'd expect.  Give it a shot--trust me, I wouldn't lead you wrong.  No, really---trust me!!!


In Dubious Taste

The Surrey Stick Figure Theatre of Death  I laughed out loud.  Adam thought I was nuts.  Be sure to check out the archive.

Cruel Site of the Day The daily links offered by this site range from the amusing to the downright disturbing.

Wierd Links Self descriptive.  The comment about CSotD above applies here, as well.

Cat Scan   Don't look at me like that.  I love cats.  I own a cat.  No, I've never scanned her.  But this site is pretty funny. Juvenile, but funny.

The Crime Library Admit it--we're all morbidly fascinated by the people described on this site.



The Urban Legends Reference Pages  Lots of interesting reading.  Want to know if that story about the bride who cooked herself in the tanning booth is true?  Worried about losing your kidneys on a business trip? Check here.

The Straight Dope  Answers to the questions that really keep you up at night.

About Face Joining the battle against negative and distorted images of women in advertising

Sacred Harp Not only do I have interests besides Peter Gabriel, I have musical interests besides Peter Gabriel.  If you're someone who likes to sing, I encourage you to attend a local SH singing, if there's one near you.  You may not like it.   But if you do, you'll be hooked.  Ask me how I know.  You can hear a collection of midi files of a lot of the tunes in the Sacred Harp.  It's nothing like being there and singing, though. Information, advice, support, humor, and just about any other resource the nursing mom needs.  Absolutely truckloads of useful stuff.

Mad Sci Network Answers to every science question you can think of.  Loads of information.

Pop Kulcher Link-O-Rama Yes, this is a link to another links page.  Check them out!

The Fabulous Heaters This is my friend Dan's page. Well, okay, it's his band's page.  Check out his translations of Zen texts into Esperanto. I never said my friends were normal.

MetaSpy This page shows current searches on MetaCrawler. Oddly fascinating.

Sign Up For Mars  Hey, why not?

SETI@Home Your computer isn't doing anything when you're not using it.  So let it crunch data in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. And then join the other PG fans hoping to find a Bug Eyed Monster.

Puzzlemaker Generates word searches, crosswords, word scrambles, mazes, and more.

The Truth About Computer Virus Myths & Hoaxes Calm down!  There's no need for  hysteria.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Just part of the conspiracy.

Wilton's Word & Phrase Origins  I find this kind of thing fascinating.

The Easter Egg Archive Easter eggs are little surprises programmers leave behind for you to find.  A little bit of harmless fun with your computer.

Encyclopedia Mythica  I just love to browse through things like this. Don't you?


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