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October 13, 2001

Not much of an update for you--I just wanted to let you know that Solsbury Hill has found a new HQ.  Update your bookmarks!  We here at the Church are glad they've found a secure resting place, and if we bought into the sin business, we'd make domain name hijacking a mortal one.   No one in Church adminstration wants to contemplate what Gabeweb would be like without the SH committee, and we're glad the crisis is past.

We'd also like to congratulate Maebh Flynn and PG on their new baby, Isaac Ralph.  She gets first mention, 'cause after all, she did most of the work.    We're also glad to hear that Up is supposedly down to final mixing, and sincerely hope that Peter has lightened his work schedule a bit so he can focus on the new arrival.  No, I don't mean Up.

Real life has been pretty absorbing lately, what with kids and New Music Circle (everybody and their brother is touring this month or next month--you try packing a whole season of concerts into 6 weeks).  Even though it's not Peter Gabriel, I'll mention that  King Chubby and Stephen Scott have both caught my ear.   King Chubby has some short clips available at their site.  This site has short samples of Stephen Scott's recent CD, Vikings of the Sunrise. Do yourself a favor and check them out--this CD is lovely.  I'm not very good at describing music, so really the best thing I can say to you is that I absolutely, positively urge you to have a listen.

I'd also be remiss not to plug The Cherryh Pit.  My brain was recently taken over by C. J. Cherryh's Foreigner books, and I was beyond thrilled to discover that I was not the only person infected.   About the only thing that has kept me sane waiting for Up is knowing that book #5, Defender, is coming out in less than a month.  Nearly a year late, but I'm used to that.  I swear, if anything came out on time, I wouldn't know how to act.


July 30, 2001

Sheesh!  Yet another move!  nbci discontinued their free webspace program, and I was caught by surprise.  Sorry about that!  But here we are, with our very own sub-domain, right next door to New Music Circle.  I don't think I lost anything.  In fact, I got the tract linked up again.   In any event, if you find any links that don't work, please feel free to let me know.

Now, first things first.  Has everyone been over to www.furtherintime.com to see the video for When You're Falling?  Seen it?  Good.  I have two comments to make.

1)  That is so Hudsucker Proxy. (That's a good thing.  If you haven't seen The Hudsucker Proxy, go immediately to the nearest rental store and find it.  It's a great movie, and you'll get a sense of deja vu.)


God is my co-pilot.

I was considering recently that it's just about that time of year--you know, when we learn that Up will definitely not be released this year.    And you know,   life would seem incomplete somehow without this annual disappointment.  We've all gotten used to it--really, how many of you were actually surprised to read that blurb on the Hill?  I say, let's make lemons out of this lemonade.  We wouldn't be the first religion to focus on a major event that was supposed to happen any day now, but that somehow never happened.  It worked for other religions, why can't it work for us?

I hereby declare two Church holidays.  The first one comes in the Spring, when everything is bright and new, when a sense of freshness and optimism infuses the air.  It will be "The Feast of Up Coming Out This Year."   The specific date is up to you.  Choose a day that seems appropriate.  I'm an advocate of holiday theft, so I'd suggest  the first Monday after the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (got all that?).  Why that day?   Well, it's in the spring, and you can get all the candy for your holiday at half price.  Church members are clever--you'll figure out a way to explain how chocolate bunnies and Peeps are connected to Peter Gabriel.   I also suggest that beer would be appropriate.  It nearly always is.  Oh, and some Real World Pineapple Upside Down Tarte

The second holiday will be known as "The Day of Disappointment."  This will be the day in late summer or early fall when PG or Real World actually says what we've been suspecting for months--that Up will not, in fact, be coming out this year.  Once again, members can celebrate this any way they see fit, keeping in mind the solemn nature of the day.   Once again, beer would probably be appropriate.

On another topic,  I was browsing through Tina's FAQ archive.   I really miss those fresh FAQs--they gave the illusion that you were getting some kind of information.  It's amazing how pointless most of the questions really were.  I was always astounded at the requests for lyrics--there are lots of places to find PG lyrics on the web, why waste your chance to ask some other, more pertinent question?  But Tina, through no fault of her own, could never answer the one, the only pertinent question any PG fan has--"When the *%&$ will UP be released?!"  So instead, she answered the pointless ones.  For awhile, I thought the winner of the Odd Question award was "Which shoe does Peter put on first?"  Tina actually got an answer to this one.  But that gem was knocked out of first place by my current favorite, "Is it true that Peter featured in an episode of Star Trek? If it's true could you tell me which episode and what character he played."

As it happens, Adam is a big fan of Star Trek (the original series).   He's got all the original episodes on tape, and can recite every line of dialogue in each episode--he knows every scene, every shot by heart.  So I said, thinking to amuse him, "Isn't this question ridiculous?  I mean, Peter Gabriel in Star Trek!"

"But he was!" said my beloved, quite seriously.   "He was in Journey to Babel."

"You know, one of the things I love about you is your sense of humor," I told him fondly.

"I'm serious," he said, and went to get the tape.   And lo and behold:





babel.jpg (90850 bytes)

There he was.  Then Adam says, "He was in Charlie X, before that."

charliex.jpg (40902 bytes)

"I don't see him!"  I said. 

"Of course not!  He played a highly evolved being who was composed of pure energy."

But this information was causing a crisis of faith.  You see, I have the greatest reverence for Tina.  She is the fan's contact with Peter, our Mediatrix.  She watches over us (and probably keeps track of those of us who show indications of becoming security risks).  I believe in Tina.  She would never knowingly mislead us, I believe this with my whole heart.  And she said Peter had never been in Star Trek. 

After prayer and meditation, I came to the conclusion that it happened like this:

Tina: Oh, York, what am I going to do?  Every single email for the past three months just asks when the new album will be out!  I can't put off an update much longer! I need some good questions!

York:  Hey, make something up.  Something whimsical, like which shoe does he put on first or.....

Tina: Or was he ever in an episode of Star Trek?

York: Where the heck did that come from?   That's crazy!

Tina:  It's so crazy, it just might work!

Peter was probably too busy to give her an answer, and she didn't have time to watch every moment of every Star Trek episode to make sure she was right.   I'm certain she never meant to lead us astray.  Tina, my faith in you is unshaken!

Speaking of Star Trek, check out The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches.   Then, after you've publicly despaired at the frivolity of Eric Conveys an Emotion (and privately chuckled at it), uplift yourself with the instant spirituality available at Bonsai Potato.


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