The Church of Peter Gabriel FAQ

Is Peter Gabriel God?


Um, Okay (backing away slowly).  So exactly who are your members?

The Church of Peter Gabriel has no membership list, and our only membership requirement is that one recognizes the inherent divinity of Peter Gabriel.  There's lots of room for debate even in that simple statement.  Some believe that his divinity is no more or less than that of all humanity.  Some believe in a multiplicity of gods and goddesses, including Peter Gabriel.  Some believe there is  no other god but Peter Gabriel.  Some believe that everything is Peter Gabriel, and Peter Gabriel is everything.  Our membership is a diverse lot.

So how do you join?

Usually, our members recieve a call or experience a sort of revelation while listening to the Sacred Music.  It's not clear whether this revelation can be achieved by one's own efforts (e.g. diligent study of the Discography, the imitation of Peter), or whether one is somehow already chosen.  In any event, when it happens, you know it. Our members know who they are.

Is Peter a god, a man, or somehow mysteriously both?

Don't be a smartass.

Do you have a sacred text?

For a listing of our Sacred Music, see And Through the Wire's Complete Discography.  You might also be interested in reading a variety of interpretations of this body of work.  In addition, many members accept Peter's work with Genesis as sacred.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

We believe that life as we presently experience it is a sort of purgatory, commonly known as Waiting for the New Album.  Most of us believe the next era--The Arrival of Up--will come in our own lifetimes.  Maybe. As for what happens after we die, once again, our members are quite diverse.  However, a commonly held belief is that when we die, we will rest eternally in our very own Box.

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