Jealous of Pink Floyd fans who get to have all the fun synching Dark Side of the Moon to the Wizard of Oz? Bored? Try Ovo and Metropolis.

Some inspiring literature for your perusal--the Church's very first Tract.

An email from Peter??--Come on, what do you take me for?

MST3K does The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway--As in Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Time Waster #1--and Time Waster #2--exactly what they say they are. You might burn up a whole three or four minutes with these.

CofPG Ordination Certificate--I've got to go with the ULC on this one. If you feel the call, who am I to stand between you and your vocation? Print it out, fill it in, and go forth and minister.

The Dancing Peter Gabriel Page--The World Wide Web is an amazing thing. It's incredible, what technology can do, what creative wellsprings can be tapped with the tools available to us today. Do you have any idea how many dancing pages there are on the web now? If you answered yes, are you very, very frightened?

That'll Do--Download a video clip of PG's Oscar Ceremony performace of Randy Newman's "That'll Do."

Eden--A preview of the Church's new CD-ROM. Requires Thing Viewer (a plug in) to work. Long load time, but worth it, if I do say so myself. Sadly, it won't work for Macs. Sorry--I didn't realize that when I made the thing.

The Tina Chapel--A shrine to Tina--stop in, light some candles, and say a few prayers. Takes awhile to load--please be patient.

A Plea to Peter--Once the prime spot on the web to weigh in on the burning question of Peter's hair (or lack thereof).

Lyricomancy--The PG fan's Magic 8 Ball

ILX--Interactive Literary eXperiences

Solsbury Hill--No, not the excellent fan site. The hill itself.

Right Said....Peter?--I learn a little JavaScript.

1999 Birthday Celebrations--Scanned candy and postcards for the Peter Gabriel Postcard Server, all in honor of PG's birthday.

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